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Wood Flooring Installation BethesdaWood flooring installation is not an option of what color suits you. Rather more about the acceptable standard exemplified by the flooring material. It’s possible not to pay much attention to your flooring choice. But the fact that it underpins everything else calls for careful thought, including consulting the experts. Having a specialized wood flooring company in Bethesda, Maryland by your side makes it easier to figure out the type of wood flooring to install.

That’s why Bethesda Hardwood Floors will help you explore the many options available. Like that’s all, we will find you the perfect flooring for your space. Of course, your tastes, budget, and lifestyle will override our suggestions. Certainly, these floors are not created equal, but there are unique positive aspects in each option.

Let’s dive straight into a detailed discussion about the popular wood flooring types that make the best option for residential flooring installation.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Is it the best for your residential space? Well, engineered wood flooring boasts versatility and resilience. It is built using three or four layers of wood glued together to make a board 14mm thick and finished by applying a 4mm dense surface made of real wood.

So, the flooring installer can effortlessly refinish and sanded the engineered wood flooring to get rid of any imperfections. Choose this flooring if you’re looking for affordable elegant wood floors that will react positively to humidity and temperatures. It’ll remain stable regardless of fluctuations in temperature or humidity. Above all, it’s an environmentally friendly option. Choosing a competent wood flooring installer in Bethesda, Maryland can be tough. But this is why you can trust us as trusted wood flooring company and your competent source for Bethesda flooring.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Do you know this wood flooring is made from reusable timber?  It kicks the spark of sustainability in an environmentally cautious entrepreneur. So, the next time you think of dismantling your older wooden constructed structure, consider salvaging the timber for more beneficial reuse- flooring installation.

You probably have come across flawless preserved exclusive floorboards in Bethesda, MD. That’s the reclaimed wood flooring. Nothing would beat the vintage look of reclaimed flooring in a residential space. The beauty of this type of wood flooring lies in its limitlessness in placement.

Just be extra cautious to dry up any water that spills over it, and you’ll enjoy a lasting, aesthetically pleasing flooring. For a more appealing look,  a Bethesda flooring installer can stain or paint your reclaimed wood floorboards. When you want the best choices for wood floors in Bethesda, Maryland, look no further than Bethesda Hardwood Flooring. We are your trusted wood flooring company.

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Laminate Flooring

Does it sound familiar? As the name suggests, an image of the preferred flooring design is added to the fiberboard surface. Ideally, this floor is made of compacted layers of fiberboards and enhanced with different photographic images to create a surface effect that’s either a tile, stone, or wood grain patterned. Then a protective coating is added to increase the fiberboard’s appearance and lifespan.

Laminate flooring is considered a cost-effective option that can be upgraded to boost its longevity and customized to the homeowner’s flooring pattern. Bethesda Hardwood Floors suggest click-lock laminate flooring for individuals seeking fast and easy installation. Above all, it’s important to get the job done by a professional flooring installer.

Solid Wood Flooring

Adding beauty and elegance into your room shouldn’t be hard with this perfect flooring option. Solid wood flooring installation prides the superb finish and sturdiness it brings to any residential space in Bethesda, MD. We are here to make your business more pleasing and appealing with this timeless wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring is crafted from planks measuring 18 to 20mm thick. Though the cost, finishing, and durability will differ based on the type of hardwood used in making the flooring, any solid wood floor will improve the value and aesthetics of your business. What makes it a preferable choice is its unique features and properties embodied in the wood species, plus the ability to withstand varying temperatures and resists humidity. When you need Bethesda flooring, we are your preferred wood flooring installer.

Cork Flooring

Trying to figure out what flooring type will complement any decors? Cork floors never disappoint. Besides, they can be stained or painted to your desired look. Other than being a renewable resource, cork is eco-friendly. It breathes comfort and natural beauty into any space. Hence, highly recommended for businesses where people tend to stay for longer hours. It’s also a noise-proof flooring, unbelievable, right!

Drop any item on cork flooring, and no one will notice. More interesting is the hypo-allergenic properties of the cork material, which will make your space a healthier environment.  Hire the best wood flooring company to handle the installations, and you’ll be guaranteed value for your money. It’s never about the flawless installations only but also the longevity assurance.

Wood-Effect Tiles

You must have heard of this hottest trending wood floor type- wood-effect tiles. It’s becoming popular in many residential spaces.  But why so? The wood-effect tiles are affordable and easy to maintain. It’s a flooring option that would save any business owner the stress of installing and maintaining hardwood floors.

Yes, a wood-effect tile will look like an original hardwood floors but can better withstand spills, scratches, and dirt. Meaning they don’t soak water nor clog dirt. Hence, it will look perfect for more years to come. This flooring is quite versatile. You can have as many designs as you please. It’s an excellent option for anyone seeking moisture and scratch-resistant, durable, and environmentally friendly flooring.

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Parquet Flooring

Want to create an interlacing effect on your home space? Install parquet flooring. It’s made of tiny wood blocks placed in a regular arrangement at 90-degree angles to create geometric patterns. This flooring type remains one of the most preferred wood floors in residential spaces, thanks to its longevity, durability, and easy maintenance.

The design you create with the small blocks of wood is what draws attention to the flooring. It’s what makes parquet floors a great option for adding a unique and timeless touch to your residential space. If you’re looking for a bespoke and distinct wood floor, parquet flooring would be an excellent choice. At Bethesda flooring, we can help create a parquet floor that will never go out of style. Perfect for your home in a Bethesda, MD. We offer quality flooring installation.

Bamboo Flooring

A flooring that suits multiple décor options and boasts a variety of finishes and styles- Bamboo flooring. This environmentally friendly flooring is made of fibers compressed together under high pressure. The bamboo plant has stood out against many plants. It is softer, regrows faster, and its timber is resistant to moisture. The softness of this flooring decreases the noise of falling items, the rapid re-growth curbs deforestation, and the moisture resistance contributes to the flooring’s long life.

Will wood floors last forever? Certainly yes. So, if you are looking to maximize the benefits of your choice of wooden flooring, don’t hesitate. But ensure you work with the best wood flooring company in Bethesda, Maryland to help you choose a floor type that fits your décor, style, and budget. Choose Bethesda Wood Floors, we are you Bethesda flooring expert.