Providing Wood Floor Installation in Bethesda

installation of hardwood flooring in Bethesda, MDAt Bethesda Hardwood Floors, we pride ourselves in providing high quality wood floor installation services in the Bethesda, MD and surrounding areas. We employ 100% background tested and drug tested floor installation contractors so you can have the peace-of-mind of a quality wood floor installation. After our wood floor specialists visit your home with flooring samples and you choose the right wood flooring for your home, we schedule a date and time for installing your new wood floors that fits your schedule.


Solid Wood Floor Installation

Different types of wood floors often employ different techniques for installation. Our wood floor installation contractors know the right techniques to employ for a given space or wood floor style. Solid wood floors can be glued or stapled into place depending on the type of subfloor your home has. Solid wood floors can be installed in nearly every location of home and can provide that seemless look throughout your home.  Solid wood floors are a great choice, particularly in places where liquids might easily get spilled, like your kitchen or bathroom.  Solid wood floors are less likely to absorb the liquid, which means you won’t need to worry about warping or other issues with your new solid hardwood floor installation.

Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation

Engineered hardwood floors, are very similar to solid wood flooring.  They are nearly indistinguishable from the surface. The engineered wood floor has multiple layers of wood glued together to give it thickness. Engineered wood flooring is suitable for most places in your home, and although they are more able to absorb liquid, a good tight installation means you still won’t have to worry too much about your new wood floors warping with a large liquid spill.  Engineered wood flooring is a great option for homes that might have more uneven surfaces because the wood planks are a little more flexible.   Either way, the beauty of an engineered wood floor is no different than the solid wood floors.

Laminate Wood Floor

Laminate wood floors are a great option for flooring areas of your home that will see high amounts of traffic or are more likely to get scuffed. Laminate wood flooring is also very thin, and applied with either built-in glue backing or a glue application on the subfloor. Today’s laminate wood floor options are ultra durable and have the look of real hard wood floors. Since it is completely fabricated, they are often a lot cheaper than solid wood or engineered hardwood. Laminate wood floors could be the perfect option for your home. Ask one of our home service reps to show you our array of laminate wood flooring samples.

Wood Floors in your Home Remodel

Wood floors can be a great addition to your complete home remodel.  Adding hardwood flooring can completely transform you space. No matter what your renovation entails, new flooring is a necessity almost all of the time – no better place to start that Bethesda Hardwood Floors.  Trying to transform your living room or bedroom?  Looking to do some kitchen remodeling? Wood floors will definitely add that finishing touch you are looking for.

How we can help!

The Bethesda Wood Floors team is your one-stop shop for all your wood floor installation needs. Customer service is our top-priority. That’s why we have developed a system that makes it easy for you, our valued customer, to see the product you want in your own space, receive a quote right then for your material and installation costs! Give us a call and you’ll see why we are Bethesda’s top choice for hardwood floor installation!