Installing all Types of Wood Floors in Bethesda

Installing new wood flooring types in your home doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. In fact, we at Bethesda Hardwood Floors has gone overboard to make buying new wood flooring for you home as simple as possible.

We will come to your home, bringing samples of wood flooring for you to look at in your space and choose exactly which style, color and type you want.  When it comes to wood flooring, there are three main types:


Solid Wood Floors

Solid wood flooring is exactly what it sounds like. The wood planks are cut and milled out of a single, solid piece of wood. Solid wood flooring is structurally sound and can be installed on any type of subfloor, although there are certain situations where you might prefer a different type.  Don’t worry, we can help you figure out exactly what is best for your home and situation when we come to do our on-site free estimate and wood floor sampling.

Engineered Wood Floors

When you think of engineered wood floors, essentially you are creating the thickness of your wood plank by using layers of cheaper cuts of wood glued together. These layers are never visible after being installed and most people don’t even know you have used a layered engineered wood over solid wood. Engineered hardwood is a great choice when you need a little bit of flexibility in your installation as engineered planks have a little give and movement than solid wood. No worries, your wood flooring will still have structural integrity and not even noticeable to the naked eye! Each engineered plank of wood is given a thin veneer of the high quality layer which is stained accordingly.  Call us today to show you the difference in our engineered wood flooring options and solid hardwood flooring.

Floating Wood Floors Types

Floating wood floors have a nice finished look, and due to the way they are installed – essentially floating on a thin layer of foam – have a slight cushion feel when you walk across them. Floating wood flooring comes in all styles and colors and can look just look regular wood flooring.  The only question is if you want the comfort of the floating floor or if you want your floor to be completely solid.  With our in-home estimate and demo, we can show you want a floating wood floor would feel like and you can decide if it is the right choice for your home!

How We Can Help!

The Bethesda Wood Floors team is your one-stop shop for all your wood floor installation needs. Customer service is our top-priority. That’s why we have developed a system that makes it easy for you, our valued customer, to see the product you want in your own space, receive a quote right then for your material and installation costs! Give us a call and you’ll see why we are Bethesda’s top choice for hardwood floor installation!