We Will Match Your Hardwood Stairs to your Hardwood Floor

options for your hardwood stair design and look Are you tired of that flattened out carpet on your stairs – always getting stained, and looks really bad. Replace that carpet with wood stairs!  There are numerous ways to style your wood stairs, and we can match it with the style of wood floors your choose!

Hardwood Stair Installation

Having wood installed on your staircase will not only add an elegance to your home, but will make cleaning a lot easier, and keep your home home looking fresh and clean at all times! There are many ways we can style your wood floors to fit the look you want in your home, from completely stained, or staining the step, and painting the face to match your home’s trim paint color, or something completely different that will cause your stairs to “pop” when your friends and family see them. No matter your choice, it is imperative that your wood floor and your wood staircase match.  That’s why you call the pros at Bethesda Hardwood Floors, because we know how to do wood stair installation with high quality and make it a process that’s easy to handle and control!

As leading installers in the Bethesda and DMV area, we are sought after for our high quality wood staircase installation. From curved staircases, straight staircases and even those with a turn landing, we have done it all and will make your installation look perfect.  We have a promise of customer satisfaction that cannot be beat, and challenge you to give us a try.  All it takes a phone call, and we’ll setup an appointment with you to allow you to choose the wood material you want. Don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase the whole homes’ wood flooring all at once, we are happy to just install the wood flooring on your staircase! All of this with quality workmanship is what makes us the number one flooring installer in the DMV area.

Wood Stair Refinishing

Maybe you don’t need to install brand new wood flooring.  If you just need to match your existing wood staircase to new wood floors you are adding, then refinishing may be all that is necessary.  Your Bethesda Wood Floors team will know exactly what you will need when they come take a look at your home and offer you an on-site quote for the work.  Refinishing stairs can be messy work, and if the stripping process is not done right, it will not look good. However, we are skilled and experienced at refinishing staircases, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. If you are not satisfied, we will work until you are!

How We Can Help!

The Bethesda Wood Floors team is your one-stop shop for all your wood floor installation needs. Customer service is our top-priority. That’s why we have developed a system that makes it easy for you, our valued customer, to see the product you want in your own space, receive a quote right then for your material and installation costs! Give us a call and you’ll see why we are Bethesda’s top choice for hardwood floor installation!